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Bob Ombs Modified Win10PE Rs5 v4.6

Release: Bob Ombs Modified Win10PE Rs5 v4.6

Bob Ombs Modified Win10PE Rs5 v4.6

General overview of capabilities:
Backup / Restore hard disks and partitions | Convert Disks to VHD | Convert MBR Disks(CSM/Legacy) to GPT(UEFI/Secure Boot) | Test Hard Drives | Telnet / SSH / FTP | Registry Tools | Disk Defragmentation | File Hash MD5 and CRC checking | EXE and DLL Debugging tools | Automatic System Backup | Certified Disk Destruction and File Shredding | Ransomware File Decrypt | Hardware Diagnostic Software | WiFi Network Scanner | Syskey Removal | Duplicate File Removal | Recover Lost Data on PC/Mac/Linux Drives | Recover Product Keys for Windows and other Software | Remove malware and viruses | Install any Version of Windows | ReFS Formatting, and Read/Write, for Revision 3.3 | Backup Drivers | Remote connect to other machines -or- this drive from anywhere | Reset Passwords (Including Microsoft Accounts) | Decrypt password protected files and drives | Integrated Java 10.0.1 | Includes preloaded drivers for most modern Apple computers (Works on Macs!) | DirectX 12 | Full .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 – 3.0 SP2 – 3.5 SP2 – 4.7.2 | Powershell 5.1.17134.1 | Powerful DISM repair tools |
Change File Attributes & Date/Time Stamps


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